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Who's FIND for?

Serving professionals in property, environmental and GIS

We serve a wide variety of clients in the property, environmental and GIS sectors. Click on your profession below to see how FIND can help your business.


FIND is fast becoming architects' favourite source for mapping with its competitive pricing, easy-to-use export tools, a wide range of height models, aerial photography and over 100 other datasets. Use FIND for downloading MasterMap for use in your CAD system, printing maps for planning applications as well performing an instant desktop site analysis for your project area. Compatible with Apple Macs and all internet browsers.

Property developers

Many property developers, both commercial and residential, now use FIND to monitor their portfolios and carry out assessments on new acquisitions. The ability to view all relevant planning information in one place allows decisions to be made with confidence.
Use FIND to access site information from sources such as English Heritage, Ordnance Survey and the Environment Agency to enable you to carry out a full site analysis, and highlight potential issues. The FIND site is a good tool to manage your property portfolio by visualising your assets on a map.


FIND provides an easy-to-use web portal allowing you to create red line boundaries with a single click. Surveyors are using the simple yet sophisticated drawing tools available on FIND to create maps unrivalled in quality, enhancing your reports and presentations.
Save your maps and access later for free, allowing you to manage site changes and adjust annotations accordingly. FIND also offer a unique Land Registry service, allowing you to search and bulk-order title documents via a map, as well as perform SIM searches without the need to pre-purchase a map.


With its comprehensive range of planning information, much of it available for free, FIND has become the default destination for planners identifying site constraints. Assess your sites faster for more informed decision making; instantly view and print information including administrative boundaries, listed buildings, conservation areas, flood constraints and postcodes.


Agents wanting to be one step ahead will use FIND to identify and capitalise on development opportunities around any site. FIND helps you understand a property's local context and enables you to manage risk associated with a property. View flood risk, built heritage, pending and historical planning applications around your site; use FIND to create high-quality maps to enhance your reports and presentations.

Environmental consultants

FIND has pioneered unprecedented access to environmental datasets such as the Environment Agency data including Landfill, Radon, Pollution incidents and NaFRA, by being the only mapping provider to serve instantly viewable environmental information over the internet. Environmental consultants can now do a cost effective environmental desktop site analysis without the need to pay export data costs, or use technical software.


Accessing information required for projects can often be a time consuming procedure which is why many geologists and engineers are using FIND to obtain their data. FIND offers a simple quick way to access geological, environmental, and height data as part of its large data archive. Geologists can instantly view geological maps on screen as part of an initial desk study, as well as export the information to GIS or CAD format. When purchasing data you are able to accurately define the area you are interested in, and paying only for the exact area, with no additional administration fees.

Civil engineers

Engineers of various disciplines, from environmental engineers to geotechnical engineers are discovering FIND can provide all the data they require in one place and in a cost-effective manner. FIND is an excellent source for all environmental, geological and height modelling information required for your project, such as Geology 1:10 000 scale maps and ground stability data. View this information on screen for a quick initial site assessment or export data to CAD and GIS formats for use in your desktop software.

Flood risk management

FIND are leaders in offering unprecedented access to flooding information with a dedicated flood data package. The flood package contains flood maps such as NaFRA, Historical floods, flood defences, storage areas and the Digital River Network which are available to view, print or export online instantly, enabling you to create a comprehensive flood risk assessment of your site.

GIS professionals

GIS professionals in a range of sectors will benefit from FIND's quick and easy-to-use data export tools.
Access an unprecedented number of competitively priced, fully licensed and up-to-date datasets. Instantly download them to your computer for use and analysis in your ESRI or MapInfo desktop GIS. Stay on top of data licensing issues with our automatic licence expiry reminder.


FIND is an excellent source for the most up-to-date Ordnance Survey mapping and Land Registry documentation. The process of purchasing title documents for properties is simplified, allowing you to search and bulk-order title documents via a map, as well as perform SIM searches without the need to pre-purchase a map. FIND also offers industry standard conveyance reports such as Groundsure's Homebuyers report.

Insurance professionals

Financial institutions and insurance brokers use FIND to analyse site issues and view constraint mapping such as flood risk affecting your assets. For £2 FIND allows you to type in an address and view an Ordnance Survey map overlaid with a flood risk map, within as little as 5 minutes. You can also purchase useful environmental liability reports such as the Groundsure SiteGuard report. Utilising FIND's bespoke service, you can use FIND as a tool for exposure management by having your portfolio mapped, enabling you to easily analyse your risk exposure.
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