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The FIND and MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) HeritageRisk provides site assessment of likely built heritage and archaeological issues. Suitable for development feasibility studies, in negotiations, due diligence, budget forecasts, acquisition decisions and project planning, HeritageRisk provides vital early heritage site assessment.

Bespoke site assessment reports outline the potential impact of proposed developments on historic buildings, archaeological remains and conservation areas. The service is designed for anyone wanting to know what heritage issues there may be on a specific site. In particular, the service offers vital early-stage insight into risks that may impact on the success of a development.

By using HeritageRisk.co.uk, users remove the time consuming process of communicating complex site boundaries and details over the phone or by email. The ease of usability makes this the only heritage assessment service of its kind.

Reports can be obtained and paid for on the 'heritagerisk.co.uk' website.

Data providerMOLA
Coverage areaGB

Report typePlanning
Area or point selectionArea
Estimated delivery time 5-15 days

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