GroundSure GeoInsight:report details a site's geohazards and ground stability
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GroundSure GeoInsight

GroundSure GeoInsight provides a cost effective assessment that for the first time, details a site's geohazards and ground stability. This report is based on the British Geological Survey's 1:50 000 mapping, GeoSure data and GroundSure's unique datasets.

The report comprises the following data overlaid on current maps:

  • Current aerial photograph showing site location
  • British Geological Survey - Artificial, Ground, Superficial deposits and landslips
  • British Geological Survey - Bedrock and Faults
  • British Geological Survey recorded boreholes to 250m of the site boundary
  • Historical surface and underground workings; including extraction, mines and natural cavities
  • British Geological Survey Geosure data
  • Current ground workings


Unique data to inform and support your professional assessment:

  • Easier to use
  • Facilitates accurate assessment
  • More extensive data than current market offering
  • Aerial photographs give you an immediate view of the site
  • Superior map representation of geology and geohazards


  • GroundSure's historical surface and underground workings database
  • British Geological Survey current ground workings database
  • GroundSure's mining and extraction database, which includes coal and non-coal

Data providerGroundsure
Sample reportSample GeoInsight report
Coverage areaBritain

Report typeEnvironmental
Area or point selectionArea
Estimated delivery time Within 24 hours (1 day)

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