GroundSure Flood Report: Residential property flood risk assessment
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GroundSure Flood Report

GroundSure Flood report provides clients with a cost-effective detailed assessment and understanding of the flood risk potential associated with residential property.

The report includes a review of GroundSure's various detailed flood risk databases including those from JBA for surface water flood risk; the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey.

The report is delivered in GroundSure's recognised plain English format with clear guidance on what steps may be required to manage identified liabilities.

Key features include:

  • Surface water (pluvial) flood risk data from JBA
  • Fluvial and tidal flood risk data from the Environment Agency
  • Groundwater flood risk data from the British Geological Survey
  • Details of flood defences
  • Details of flood risk insurability - Environment Agency NaFRA data
  • Supported by a single robust set of terms and conditions
  • Provided with recourse to £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Access to environmental insurance solutions
  • Access to flood risk consultants

Data providerGroundsure
Sample reportSample Flood report
Coverage areaBritain

Report typeResidential
Area or point selectionPoint
Estimated delivery time Average turnaround time 2 hours

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