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OS Plan / OS MasterMap (1:1 250)

The OS Plan shows a black and white representation of the most detailed mapping in Great Britain, the OS MasterMap Topography. It includes all line work and text. This makes it ideal for in-depth work on a specific site as it offers a level of detail that cannot be found on any other map, and is the only map accepted by local authorities for planning applications. This map is particularly useful when used in conjunction with detailed coloured layers, such as those in the Property Package, as they are often more easily viewed on a black and white backdrop.

When you pay to view the OS Plan you are also able to view the FIND Map for the same area for no additional charge.

Data providerOrdnance Survey
Sample of dataSample layered PDF
Coverage areaBritain

Version date of datasetJune 2017
Frequency of update cycle6 weeks

Viewable in map windowYes
Viewable between scales1- 1: 4 000

Printable between scales 1 - 1: 5 000

Export formatsDWG, DXF, TAB, SHP
Maximum export size via internet500 hectares (5 kmĀ²)

Standard Licensed Use1, 2 or 3 year licence
Paper Map Copy LicenceTell me more

Period layer saved for viewing (without incurring further costs)6 months
Period print saved for (without incurring further costs)12 months

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