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There are a number of Ordnance Survey map backgrounds that can be viewed, exported and printed on FIND. They are designed to be viewed at different scales and display varying levels of detail. The FIND Map and OS Plan map are the most detailed, up to date maps available in Great Britain.

FIND Map / OS MasterMap (1:1 250)

The FIND Map is based on the most detailed mapping in Great Britain, OS MasterMap Topography. Created by FIND, this is a carefully developed colour map which highlights property-related elements, such as building outlines. This an altogether easier map to navigate and interpret, and is ideal for inclusion in reports and presentations.

    OS Plan / OS MasterMap (1:1 250)

    The OS Plan map shows a black and white representation of the most detailed mapping in Great Britain, OS MasterMap Topography. It includes all detailed line work and text. This makes it ideal for in-depth work on a specific site as it offers a level of detail that cannot be found on any other map, and is the only map accepted by local authorities for planning applications. This map is particularly suitable when used in conjunction with some of the more colourful information layers, such as those in the Property package, as they are often more easily viewed on a black and white background.

      Street view (1:10 000)

      The Street view 1:10 000 raster map shows street-level detail and omits dense line work and field boundaries in favour of a clear and easy interpretation.

        Locale (1:25 000)

        The Locale map displays basic road and building outlines, including hill contours and height information. With fence-level detail and depiction of contours makes this map background particularly useful for analysing data in rural areas.

          Town (1:50 000)

          The Town map allows you to clearly identify roads, water features, important buildings and height contours. This map is particularly useful when analysing the regional context of a site, by overlaying it with layers from the Environmental package. It provides a comprehensive base map ideal for environmental or geological analysis.

            GB (1:250 000)

            The GB map displays all cities, towns and many villages, as well as transport routes including all motorways, A and B roads and railways. It provides the ideal backdrop for analysing the wider regional or national context of an area, where local details are not required. This map is useful as a backdrop when overlaying some large scale layers in the Environmental Package.

              Imagery (12.5 cm resolution; 25 cm resolution)

              The imagery layer displays recent photography covering the whole of Great Britain. Images can be viewed at any scale, and the resolution displayed varies depending on the age of the photograph shown. This layer can be turned on as a background behind all layers in the data packages area, and is particularly useful for finding out additional detail during site analysis.

                Historical map packs (GroundSure MapInsight)

                GroundSure MapInsight historical map packs contain the most comprehensive collection of Ordnance Survey National Grid, County Series and Historical Town Plan mapping at 1:10 000, 1:10 560, 1:2 500, 1:1 250, 1:1 056 and 1:528 scales.

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