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Historical aerial photography

FIND provides an advanced online search engine for historical photos. You can now order and download images instantly to your computer. We have an extensive range of historical photographs in a variety of styles including oblique and plan view images, black & white and colour.

Historical aerial photography can highlight development and land use changes over a period of time to reveal site history that may not be recorded anywhere else. These photos can play an important role in site analysis by providing, for example, evidence in boundary disputes, as well as identifying activities and property use from the past which may have an environmental impact on the site today.

Our library of aerial photography divides into four categories:

  • 1966 black and white plan view

Black and white images covering a large portion of the London boroughs. Captured in 1966, each image covers 1km² and matches British National Grid tiles.

  • 1987 (April - July) black and white plan view

High resolution black and white images covering central London. The majority were captured in April 1987 with approximate ground coverage of 1km², with the remaining ones taken in June 1987 with approximate ground coverage of 3km².

  • 1988-1992 colour oblique

A unique colour collection of sites that have undergone development in central London and its outskirts. All photographs are oblique, consisting of close-up and panoramic views.

  • 1991-1992 colour plan view

High resolution colour images covering a large portion of the London boroughs. The majority of photographs were taken in July to October 1991 with the remainder (in South Western area) captured in May 1992.

Data providerBlom Aerofilms
Data providerSkyscan
Coverage areaGreater London
Capture scale/resolution100cm and less

Version date of dataset1966, 1987 - 1992
Frequency of update cycleNo update planned

Download formatsJPEG, TIFF/CD
Maximum number per purchase5 images
Download scale limitations-

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