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Ultra View aerial photography

FIND provides over 24,000 high resolution aerial photographs within the M25 area. This is the highest true resolution imagery available of London, giving an unprecedented level of detail and clarity.

  • 2006-2007 colour plan view 2.5 - 4cm high resolution photography

The ground coverage for each photo is approximately 450 x 300m. The 2.5cm aerial imagery resolution covers West London with ground coverage of approximately 280 x 180m per image. This means there is considerable overlap between each of the images which allows you to see a building’s facades.

  • Orthorectified Ultra View

FIND now features Ultra View imagery in orthorectified format. This is only available through our consultants. For pricing, coverage details and to order please contact the FIND Support Team on 0845 521 1410 or email: support@findmaps.co.uk

Data providerBlom Aerofilms
Sample of imagerySample imagery (18 MB zip file)
Coverage areaCentral London
Capture scale/resolution2.5 - 4cm

Version date of datasetDecember 2006 - September 2007
Frequency of update cycleNo update planned

Download formatsTIFF/CD, JPG, Photo prints
Maximum number per purchase5 images
Download scale limitations1- 1: 8 000

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