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Aerial photography package

Aerial photography makes previously inaccessible views accessible and is a valuable addition to downloadable map information, allowing you to see and fully understand a site’s location without leaving your desk. FIND’s Ultra View imagery is among the most detailed plan photography in the UK for the central London area, giving an unprecedented level of detail and clarity. It is available for instant download with features such as boundaries, road markings and curbs now clearly identifiable. We also have modern photography (taken in the last decade) and a host of historical aerial photographs.

Historical aerial photography

FIND provides an advanced online search engine for historical photos. You can now order and download images instantly to your computer. We have an extensive range of historical photographs in a variety of styles including oblique and plan view images, black & white and colour.

Historical aerial photography can highlight development and land use changes over a period of time to reveal site history that may not be recorded anywhere else. These photos can play an important role in site analysis by providing, for example, evidence in boundary disputes, as well as identifying activities and property use from the past which may have an environmental impact on the site today. Our library of aerial photography is continually growing and at the moment divides into four categories:

  • 1966 black and white plan view
  • 1987 (April - July) black and white plan view
  • 1988-1992 colour oblique
  • 1991-1992 colour plan view

Modern aerial photography

Our modern photographs were all taken in the last decade and are plan colour photographs. They offer extensive coverage of Great Britain, allowing all areas to be seen from above. These photos also allow you to assess the changing modern built landscape.

  • 1999-present colour plan view 12.5 - 25cm resolution photography
  • 1999-present colour plan view 8 - 25cm resolution photography
  • 2002 colour plan view high resolution photography

Ultra View aerial photography

FIND provides over 24,000 high resolution aerial photographs within the M25 area. This is the highest true resolution imagery available of London, giving an unprecedented level of detail and clarity.

  • 2006-2007 colour plan view 2.5 - 4cm high resolution photography
  • Orthorectified Ultra View
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