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Areas of potential brine extraction

The Cheshire Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Act, 1952 set up a single compensation district covering all areas of Cheshire where subsidence resulting from the pumping of brine was thought to be a possibility. This layer shows the extent of the compensation district over the Cheshire area.

In the Cheshire salt field, brine, which is formed by natural ground water on deposits of rock salt, has been extracted by pumping for several centuries to provide raw material for the salt and chemical industries. As the natural brine forms and pumping takes place, underground cavities are created which may ultimately collapse, damaging overlying property.

A CON29M mining search is required in these areas when buying property to provide further information on brine pumping in the area.

Data providerCoal Authority
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Coverage areaBritain

Version date of dataset2016
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