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FIND press coverage

FIND, the mapping technology company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Map Centre (NMC). FIND’s web mapping technology now powers NMC’s refreshed mapping and data system, replacing their existing e-commerce mapping delivery system.

If you've ever undertaken an unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk investigation for a site you'll know how difficult it is to draw together all the data you need. You'll also be aware that your results depend upon the quality of that data and how it's interpreted. With this in mind, rather than doing the work in-house, you may have outsourced it to a company that specialises in UXO risk analysis.

BOMBRISK IS AN INSTANT online UXO (unexploded ordnance) risk assessment for developers and asset managers anywhere in the UK. FIND Maps in partnership with BACTEC, specialists in explosive ordnance disposal, are behind this fully commercial service, which uses many sources of information together with spatial analysis techniques to provide a preliminary unexploded ordnance risk assessment. Bomb Sight, on the other hand, is a free access website aimed at the general public and has beencreated by the University of Portsmouth and funded by JISC, which provides higher education and research funding for digital technology.

Simon Lewis describes a new online tool for UK land developers and asset managers for providing instant assessment of the risks from unexploded bombs.

Ahead of the publication of the 2012 annual Heritage at Risk register by national charity English Heritage last month, the Museum of London launched an online assessment service to help developers, planners and surveyors predict the impact schemes could have on neighbouring properties.

Overcoming the technical challenge of delivering marine mapping data 'on demand' paves the way for online services in support of a key European Union 2020 initiative. But new thinking is also needed, say John Coleman and John Pepper.

On 20 September 2012, MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) and FIND launch a new online heritage assessment service for Great Britain, available at The online and tablet friendly service, offers planners, developers and surveyors the opportunity to order bespoke heritage and archaeology risk assessment reports, simply by selecting the area of a site on an online map.

FIND Maps, in association with OceanWise, has announced the launch of its innovative MarineFIND online data services. FIND Maps is currently the only supplier of OceanWise Marine data via TMS and WMS/WFS feeds.

The distribution of environmental information and data is a critical function of the Environment Agency (EA). Until recently the options for achieving rapid online distribution were limited; the What's in Your Backyard website for non-commercial users and direct data feeds for Local Authorities and other agencies. EnviroFIND has been designed by FIND Maps for commercial users.

FIND Maps, the UK's most advanced online mapping website for professionals, is now authorized to deliver OceanWise marine datasets. These comprise an international range of Georeferenced Raster GeoTiffs as well as OceanWise Marine Themes (GIS compatible vector data).

It's a question that's been hotly debated for some time now within the environmental geo-information community. Having experienced the impact of the 'first tranche' we're now in a better position to argue the pros and cons of the release of further free datasets. However, while we continue to talk, an array of programmes and UK government initiatives are being proposed that will result in the release of a deluge of free data. We therefore need to resolve this debate within the environmental geo-information community and make our views known - before any big decisions are made. The results will, after all, shape the way we work for many years to come.

There are organisations out there trying to help people make sense of, and more importantly, use of open data. One of those is Find Free Maps, a site built for the public by the people at FIND, a UK based mapping technology company. It's been developed to make mapping more accessible and to encourage wider and more imaginative use of geographic information.

EnviroFIND has been specifically designed for organisations which need to view Environment Agency and BGS/NERC data while being legally compliant. It is currently the only web source offering instant access to this information at flat or reduced rate.

Instead of building more energy-hungry IT systems to store large amounts of data on site, it now makes sense for firms to access data sustainably from third-party websites online - also known as cloud computing. Founded in 2006 by surveying consultancy GIA, FIND Maps' mapping tool helps property and environmental professionals save and share project mapping information.

Just as we were going to press an email dropped into my inbox mentioning the launch of a new web tool. But Robin Waters enthusiastic endorsement made me go and try Personalise Your Map portal ( It allows users to load a Google map for free, as well as several other map datasets of the UK, then pan and zoom, insert push pins, draw radii, annotate and change colours. And the real beauty is you can add a few extra words of description before turning it into a saveable PDF. What a useful little tool. If we had this ten years ago, where would UK GI be today?

While Google Maps offers its own editing tools for drawing and annotating, they're not particularly easy to use and the printing options are limited. Stepping in to solve this problem with its own, free solution is FIND, which this week launched Personalise Your Map.

FIND, the mapping technology company, announces the launch of - a unique website that makes it possible for members of the public to create and customise their own maps for free.

There has been discussion worldwide about the value of geospatial information and associated technology and how it can lead to increased efficiencies. But all too often, it is said, the benefits are not realized.

The next year will see consumer technology forcing the pace. Services and their delivery will very soon be undertaken exclusively via the internet.

FIND, an online mapping website for professionals, has announced the launch of the Expired Data Licence Management Tool. The new tool helps organisations demonstrate transparent licensing during audits for hundreds of datasets they may hold. It allows companies to centrally manage and track data licenses, as well as be informed of when they are due to expire, and quickly renew licenses as necessary.

Last week I spent some time with the people behind, a B2B operation in London who have developed a rich mapping/GIS SaaS (“software as a service”) application using flash. The service is a very slick interface to OS mapping in the UK, and offers basic GIS functionality without any of the GIS baggage found in other web based GIS tools.

The mapping website Find has launched a London building heights map. The online tool shows buildings with height points superimposed on them; similar to spot heights traditionally shown on walking maps for hills and mountains.

FIND, the UK's most advanced online mapping website, has expanded its free data library with two new products from Ordnance Survey; Landform Panorama, a broad brush terrain model of the UK, and Street View, a 1:10000 scale map especially designed for online use.

FIND has launched a new monthly feature in GeoConnexion magazine detailing different data sets available in the UK. This month we feature height models from a host of different data providers, helping you to navigate through a range of different available specifications.

A new service has launched which enables users to order Land Registry documents via a map interface.

After 200 years' monopoly over the UK's geographic data, Ordnance Survey looks likely to put data online, for free. It could be the start of something big.

Interpreting planning constraints can be particularly challenging when they involve ambiguous restrictions such as protected views. Mariam Crichton outlines a solution.

20.11.2009 has launched to the environmental sector as a result of overwhelming success in the property world.

FIND now features new layers of detailed BLOM Aerofilms aerial mapping

Robin Waters examines FIND and whether it can really help GIS professionals find the map layers they need.

FIND recently launched their new website; the UK's most advanced interactive site assessment tool for businesses. The website gives property and environmental professionals instant access to information about a property or lopment site and its surrounding area, in one central online location.

The Environment Agency was pleased to announce the launch of NaFRA (National Flood Risk Assessment) 2008. The NaFRA 2008 dataset assesses the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea across the whole of England and Wales, and the expected annual damages from flooding.

A new mapping tool has been launched that aims to cut down the time it takes property professionals to gather planning and environmental information.

A new web-based site analysis tool launches which combines planning and environmental information with detailed maps.

Launched this month, this one stop shop lets you retrieve information from English Heritage, LA's, English Nature and the Environment Agency.

The UK's most advanced site analysis tool has been launched. Initially aimed at professionals in the property world, FIND offers a single source of planning and environmental information alongside the most detailed coloured maps available.

After extensive development, FIND went live on 3 March 2009. FIND is a pioneering web mapping technology company and the UK's most advanced interactive site assessment tool for businesses.