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This area of the site is aimed at assisting you in using the FIND tools and services on offer. Simply select a help topic from the dropdown list below to find out more about your topic of interest.

How to use FIND's online help

Help for using FIND comes in a variety of formats. Within the 'Support' area of the website there is this 'User guide' page, divided up into sections for ease of use; FAQs (frequently asked questions); 'Quick start guide'; 'Toolbar overview', a visual guide to using FIND's map tools; and 'Tips and tricks'. These can all be accessed from the menu on the top-left of this page.

User guide is divided into different help topics found within the above drop down list, navigate to the section you require information about and click on the appropriate field. This will display a selection of related questions and answers. Most sections of the help have links to other parts of the help page which are related to your query.

Contacting us
On the spot help

Why we charge for some of the data

Many of the layers available from FIND are sourced from external data providers who charge a royalty to view and download their map information. No costs will be charged if we have sourced the data for free. These charges are passed onto you when you choose to either view information on the map screen, print or export data; the charges are clearly stated and you are given the chance to accept them before your account is charged.

Why is there a viewing charge?

Our relationship with other data providers

FIND has researched and sourced the most accurate and up to date information, so it can be easily accessible in one place. We are therefore constantly trying to develop and enhance our relationships with multiple data providers to achieve a comprehensive data set available to view and download. Some of the data layers are unique to FIND, created by our in-house data capture team.

Our data providers
Why we charge for some of the data

How to use the FIND Demo

To familiarise yourself with all the functions of the FIND website without accruing any cost to you or your company, FIND have created an interactive site demo. This facility highlights most of the data packages, printing, exports and reports we offer.

Click on the link below to experience the on-line demo.

Interactive site demo
Selecting and viewing data layers
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