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Summary product lists / Data packages

We have summarised data on FIND into ‘data packages’. Working with the support of the most reputable data providers in the country, including Ordnance Survey and the British Geological Survey, we have categorised the huge range of data available by key areas of interest.

This information can be visualised on the FIND map screen, with the flexibility to turn on and off layers that are relevant to your site for simple, fast and cost effective comparison and analysis at your desktop. In addition, most maps and data can also be saved to your desktop as PDFs or JPEGs, and technical professionals can export most data online for use in GIS and CAD software.

Map backgrounds

There are a number of Ordnance Survey map backgrounds that can be viewed, exported and printed on FIND. They are designed to be viewed at different scales and display varying levels of detail. The FIND Map and OS Plan map are the most detailed, up to date maps available in Great Britain.

Property package

This package combines natural, architectural, boundary and infrastructure information about specific properties to highlight potential property and planning issues. It should be used before the planning process commences as it provides helpful information which can save time and money at the start of a development.

Environmental package

Environmental issues can have a major impact on property values and development plans. This package gives you the up to date information you need to identify the environmental issues which may affect your site in order to make quick informed decisions about the best way forward. The information in this package allows you to carry out initial desk based analysis for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). - Your Marine Data Source

Marine data is critical to the planning, management, operation and sustainable exploitation of our marine resources. Our datasets and web services easily integrate into our clients' GIS and web applications.

The datasets are competitively priced and offer considerable savings over the leading industry supplier.

To obtain a quote, get a detailed user guide or get more information please contact:

    Flooding package

    Using a combination of three of the best flood models available in the market, you can make a broad assessment of a site’s flood risk or carry out your own flood analysis, including that caused by rivers, sea and groundwater. The models we use are: the British Geological Survey's Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding model and Geological Indicators of Flooding model.

    Geology and Mining package

    FIND offers a host of Geological and Mining data from British Geological Survey and Coal Authority that can be instantly viewed, printed and exported. The British Geological Survey (BGS) is the nation's principal supplier of objective, impartial and up-to-date geological expertise and information for decision making for governmental, commercial and individual users.

    Height information package

    Knowing the terrain of the Earth's surface and the height of man-made structures is useful for advanced site analysis. Using this information in GIS or CAD software provides a 3D view of an area and gives an indication of the character of the surrounding natural and built environment. Height information is also helpful for effective environmental analysis that relies on elevation, such as flood modelling. Terrain information can be utilised to evaluate slope and aspect, and can be used to assess viewpoints.


    From basic postcodes to attribute enriched address data, FIND offers a variety of address information to suit your company's needs. This data can be used for planning, marketing, mail outs, logistics and spatial analysis.

    Northern Ireland maps

    FIND offers a large range of mapping products for Northern Ireland. The products listed below have been created by OSNI - Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland.

    Aerial photography package

    Aerial photography makes previously inaccessible views accessible and is a valuable addition to downloadable map information, allowing you to see and fully understand a site’s location without leaving your desk. FIND’s Ultra View imagery is among the most detailed plan photography in the UK for the central London area, giving an unprecedented level of detail and clarity. It is available for instant download with features such as boundaries, road markings and curbs now clearly identifiable. We also have modern photography (taken in the last decade) and a host of historical aerial photographs.

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