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Pioneering web mapping technology

Established in 2006 to provide both an online mapping portal and mapping consultancy to a wide range of professionals, FIND specialises in advanced, state-of-the-art mapping technology underpinned by comprehensive client support and close relationships with the UK's most reputable data providers, such as the Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry.

Aimed predominantly at the environmental, property and GIS sectors, our vision is to make mapping easily accessible while addressing the location-based needs of businesses.

Professional service delivery and client support

Our London-based team of technical experts and client support specialists have worked closely with leading industry professionals to appraise and fulfil the need for cost-effective, location-based data that is quick and easy to use. While we are passionate in our pursuit of excellence and being at the cutting edge of innovation, we also place great emphasis on service provision, offering a friendly, positive and practical service to all our clients. Mapping software as a service

FIND's online mapping portal - – offers the UK's most advanced and user-friendly mapping software as a business service. Supported by the most reputable data providers in the country, including Ordnance Survey and the Environment Agency, we have catagorised the huge range of data available into 'data packages'.

Each package is themed according to key areas of interest, including property, environmental, aerial photography, flooding, geology, mining and height. These packages can be viewed as map overlays for desktop site investigation, printed or exported for use in your own applications. All this data is available on demand and comes with appropriate licensing so you can start using it immediately.

From drawing map annotations to performing site investigations, FIND provides a slick and easy to use interface for a variety of map related tasks:

  • View, print and annotate Ordnance Survey maps all online easily without fuss
  • Create a layered interactive PDF – works as a self contained mapping report you can email to clients or colleagues
  • Perform desktop site investigations and reduce site visits by turning relevant map layers on and off
  • Choose from dedicated Data Packages designed specifically for your profession.
  • All the reports you need from leading data providers, such as environmental reports with professional opinion
  • Unique FIND reports produced in-house, such as Protected Views reports
  • Unprecedented access to hundreds of datasets from the most current sources available
  • Instantly target and export the data you need in a variety of CAD and GIS formats from multiple sources in one go
  • Access all the UK’s major Historical Aerial Photography collections in one free search with thousands of historical aerial photographs going back to 1939

Built by FIND - Online mapping and services for business

From seeing your own organisations data on FIND to building a bespoke corporate mapping portal, FIND can revolutionise the way your company handles spatial data. We have worked on some of the largest online mapping development projects in the UK for clients in property and finance, as well as the marine, environmental and public sectors.

FIND has also created a free mapping portal – - for members of the general public to use non-commercially. The site has user-friendly mapping toolkit allows you to annotate with shapes, text, symbols, styling, use measuring tools and save to PDF in a neat print template or share it via a link. In addition, you can customise the map styling to suit your own needs using the 'Your Google Map' feature.

Any questions, just contact us

If you would like to discuss the ways in which your business can benefit form using FIND or just have a general question call the dedicated Support Team on 0845 521 1410 or email:

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