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FIND map

The FIND Map is based on the Ordnance Survey's MasterMap Topography. Created by FIND, it incorporates a carefully developed detail colour key to highlight property-related elements. This provides a clearer OS MasterMap that is much easier to navigate and interpret for property purposes. You will not find this product anywhere else.

Data packages

Central to FIND is the concept of a Data Package. Working with the support of the most reputable data providers in the country, including Ordnance Survey and the British Geological Survey, we have categorised the huge range of data available by key areas of interest.

This information can then be visualised on the FIND colour map, with the flexibility to turn on and off layers that are relevant to your site for simple, fast and cost effective comparison and analysis at your desktop.

High resolution aerial photography

Aerial photography makes previously inaccessible views accessible, allowing you to see and fully understand a site's location without leaving your desk. FIND's Ultra View imagery is among the most accurate plan photography available in the UK for the central London area. It is available for instant download with features such as boundaries, road markings and curbs now clearly identifiable. We also have modern photography (taken in the last decade) and a host of historical aerial photographs.


We offer a number of unique reports, produced either in-house or by our external data provider, GroundSure. They make a cost effective and highly accurate alternative to traditional reports, providing up to date information relevant to both property and environmental sectors. GroundSure reports are interpreted by IEMA accredited consultants. The organisation holds extensive Historical Land Use data, the most versatile information of its kind available in the UK.

Ordnance Survey Paper Map Copying Licence

FIND is pleased to offer the Ordnance Survey Paper Map Copy Licence. This enables a business to copy unlimited amounts of original Ordnance Survey mapping to support their day-to-day business activities.


At FIND we believe that the best way to innovate is to listen and respond to what our users need and want. We are grateful for any feedback or suggestions, all of which help us to further enhance FIND as a useful business tool.

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