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What is FIND?

FIND is the UK's most advanced online mapping tool for businesses; we hold the largest instantly accessible map and data library available. View, print and annotate Ordnance Survey maps, aerial photography as well as being able export data to GIS or CAD formats for technical uses.

FIND offers:

  • A free and simple registration process - without the usual charges or subscriptions
  • Competitive pricing - compared to most providers
  • Ease of use - a simple, functional and intuitive site that helps you to do your job more efficiently
  • Pay as you go, monthly itemised bills - you only pay for exactly what you use
  • Free training and dedicated client support - professional, friendly help is only a call away
  • Compatibility with PC, Mac and all major browsers - No issues with ActiveX or other add-ons

Different professionals use FIND for different purposes. Most use it for an initial desktop site analysis; if you are a property developer wanting to identify opportunities around a site, where can you find up-to-date professional property and environmental information? Is your site in a flood zone, conservation area or an area of built heritage? Who owns the property?

Finding this information within minutes allows you to plan your site visit and project more effectively, saving you time and money by allowing you instant access to the property and environmental information you need. FIND also allows you to save project information which can then be easily shared with colleagues in your organisation to avoid duplication.

With FIND being such an innovative company, many of our key services cannot be found anywhere else, and unlike many other providers, we are constantly updating and improving our service, to keep our clients ahead of the game.

FIND will change the way you work...

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