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Tips and tricks

Registering and logging in

User types

  • When you first register your company with FIND you are automatically assigned as an 'Account Administrator'.
  • Account Administrators can view and pay company invoices; add new users to the company account.
  • When adding other users to your account you can assign different user types: Intermediate Users can view and re-download the orders of all users and edit all user details. General Users can view and re-download their own orders and edit their own details.

Finding a map and selecting an address

Search for an address

  • Enter a full address or grid reference number for your site rather than simply entering a place name.
  • You will get a shorter list of search fesults back when entering a full address.

    Example: 10, Downing Street, London, SE1 7NQ
    Example: Downing Street, London, SE1 7NQ
    Example: 532053.8, 181143.31

Search for a recent project

  • Recently saved or accessed projects can be accessed quickly once you have clicked 'Open project'. Your ten most recently saved or accessed projects are displayed automatically.

The orange location pin

  • The pin icon on the map indicates the address you selected from the search results dropdown.
  • You can turn the pin off by clicking the icon next to the site address in the navigation panel at the top.
  • Please note the pin will not be displayed when you print the map.
  • If for any reason your site is not visible on screen, you can easily re-locate your site by right clicking and selecting 'Zoom to pin' from the menu.

Select a map view

Search for free

  • Select a 'Free' map background to view.
  • Pan for free to your area of interest using the 'Pan' tool in the 'Map view' panel.
  • Click and drag around a small area of interest using the 'Zoom' tool to see your site with the FIND Map as a background.

Exploring the maps

Data package map backgrounds

  • The Property package layers can only be viewed with the 'FIND Map', 'OS Plan' or 'Imagery' backgrounds.
  • The Environmental package layers can only be viewed at 'Street' map and above.
  • The Flooding package can be viewed on all map backgrounds.

Zoom in and out of map

  • Zoom in or out of the map using the 'Zoom in' or 'Zoom out' buttons in the map view panel. Simply click and drag around the area you wish to scale up or down.

Pan around the map

  • Pan around the map using the 'Pan' tool in the 'Map view' panel.
  • Alternatively click on the green arrows around the edges of the map.

Type in a map scale

  • Type in a map scale into the 'Scale' box located below the map.

    Example: Scale 1:250 000.

Explore data packages and info the map

The info button

  • To display additional information about each layer, use the 'Info' button.

Annotating and measuring the map

Drawing a line or a shape

  • When drawing a line or shape you must double click to finish it.

Importing an image

  • Import an image or logo into the map by selecting the 'Import image' tool.

Annotation shortcuts

  • When using the 'Draw line or shape' tool hold down 'Crtl' on your keyboard to make nodes on the FIND Map visible. Snap your drawing to the nodes by clicking on them whilst still holding down 'Crtl'.
  • Hold down 'Shift' on your keyboard while using the 'Outline boundary' tool to merge multiple boundaries from the FIND Map or OS Plan when creating annotations.

Add a measurement label

  • While drawing or selecting an annotation you can easily add a measurement label by clicking 'Aa' next to the measurement on the toolbar.

Exporting data or printing the map

Export layers

  • Draw your export area with either the rectangle, circle or free-draw tools
  • Type in coordinates or area size to fine tune your area, if necessary
  • Select a map or data layer to export
  • Confirm the price and press ‘continue’

Print a map

  • The third orientation icon allows you to print all of the map viewable in the map screen.
  • You can minimise the 'Print options' panel and move the map behind the orange print area.
  • When you use the 'FIND template' you can insert your company logo.

Download files

  • When your files are ready for download you can access them from the 'Download' map tab located to the right hand side of the map.
  • The tab will become Orange when your file is ready.
  • Click on the green button to start your download.
  • Please be aware that larger files will take longer to download.

Re-download files

  • You can access previously downloaded files from your 'Orders' page located within your 'My account' area on the site.
  • These files can be downloaded multiple times for free.
  • Click on the green button to start your download.

Explore aerial photography

Ordering Ultra View photographs

  • When selecting photographs to purchase it is easier to see the photograph extents when you have either the 'Street' or 'Imagery' backgrounds turned on.
  • Click to select each photo or alternatively click on the orange box again to de-select.

Ordering Modern and Historical photographs

  • When the results of your image search are displayed, you can click on the thumbnail to preview at a larger size.
  • When you search, all images from our archive that cover that map area are displayed.

Downloading reports

Select a report area

  • Select the report from the tabbed sections and thumbnail images.
  • Most reports require that you select an area. To do this, click one of the three area select tools; 'Rectangle', 'Polygon', or 'Coordinates'.
  • Define your site by clicking around the area, then double click to finish.
  • Finally, make your selection by clicking the confirm button.

Select your 'Planning' report address

  • Most 'Planning' type reports require that you select a site address.
  • Click the 'Select address' button and click on your site, then select an address from the list.
  • Finally, if you are happy with your selection, click the order button.


Search for projects in different ways

  • Search by keywords within 'Filename', 'Project ref' and 'Sub ref' search fields. This will return all projects that either partially or fully match the search word.
  • Postcode or co-ordinate searches return all overlapping saved projects. If a specific radius is selected then only the projects that intersect this area are returned. There are seven different selectable radiuses between 50m and 5km.
  • Searching by a date (day/month/year) will return all projects saved seven days either side of this date.
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