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Protected views report

The FIND Protected views report gives you a detailed summary of all protected views captured by FIND within your area of interest. It also contains information on individual protected views and maps of the area. This report is unique to FIND and is available to download within minutes of your request.

Views to, from, and between buildings and places are protected under regional and local planning policy in many areas. This report shows the extent of each protected view for up to six hectares around your site. All views are displayed over the FIND Map, based on the most detailed mapping in Great Britain, the Ordnance Survey's MasterMap Topography. The report can be used for early site analysis providing an indication of restrictions that may affect development. It should not be used as a substitute for thorough consultation with the relevant planning authorities.

Each report covers both regional and local level views, including:

  • Greater London Authority defined protected views in the London View Management Framework (2007)
  • Views towards St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Palace of Westminster
  • Qualitative Viewing Assessment Areas (vistas that are not defined by co-ordinates such as river views, and have been interpreted by FIND).

This report has been recently refined and improved to include proposed changes to the London Views Management Framework (LVMF). The LVMF is in the process of being revised, and FIND has mapped the proposed views, using the precise coordinates from the consultation document.

To order a report, go to the 'Reports' section of the map screen on FIND. Your report will be ready to download within minutes as a PDF. If you are unsure whether you need a report please consult the protected view layer within the planning package on FIND to view a generalised map showing the number of protected views within an area.

Further analysis, including bespoke assessment of building height for a given site and 3D modelling is also available as a separate service. Please contact the FIND Support Team directly for more details.

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