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GroundSure Planning

The GroundSure Planning incorporates the most comprehensive planning data in the market, whilst remaining the most cost effective solution available to the consumer. It is packed full of essential information vital to making an informed decision before buying a property.

A standard local authority search does not cover all the issues that may affect the property's amenity. The value of properties can also be significantly affected, positively or negatively, by proposed developments of land and property around them. It is important to know what is happening currently and what is planned in the vicinity.

The GroundSure Planning contains the following data:

  • Residential and commercial planning applications to 500m for the last 10 years
  • Detailed planning project descriptions and application status information
  • Points of local interest including transport, recreation, retail and entertainment
  • Telecommunication masts and mobile transmitters' data unique to GroundSure
  • Education section, including primary and secondary schools league tables to 2km
  • High detail colour aerial photograph
  • Large location maps with accurate data overlays
  • Comprehensive, easy to interpret data tables
  • Crime statistics, including burglaries, theft from vehicles, and violent crime
  • Local authority information including tax banding, costs and contact details
  • Additional Resources section detailing further recommendations
  • Electricity pylons and overhead transmission lines
  • Radon and Radon Protective Measures
  • Designated Ecological Sites
  • Customer support helpline

Data providerGroundsure
Sample reportSample Planning report
Coverage areaBritain

Report typeResidential
Area or point selectionPoint
Estimated delivery time Within 24 hours (1 day)

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