GroundSure Review: Commercial property environmental due diligence report
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GroundSure Review

GroundSure Review is a market leading, commercial property environmental due diligence report, with a detailed assessment of risk as well as a review of all high detail mapping. Corresponding overview tables offering guidance to the solicitor, purchaser and lender. The GroundSure Review is particularly appropriate for use in commercial property acquisitions, associated funding arrangements and consideration of property suitability for inclusion within pension schemes. The GroundSure Review fulfils the requirements of the Law Society Warning Card on Contaminated Land.

GroundSure is the only company in the UK to manage vast databases of environmental information and provide environmental consultancy services. This ensures we are robust in risk identification whilst effective in solution delivery. Our diverse client base ensures our advice is commercially focused, facilitating rather than obstructing transactions.

  • Designed to assist professionals in meeting requirements for the Law Society Warning Card on Contaminated Land and RICS Valuation Standards
  • Basic assessment of risk associated with Part IIA EPA1990, Water Resources Act 1991 and associated legislation
  • Suitable for commercial property purchase, investment, pension fund inclusion
  • Succinct and clear consultancy advice
  • Backed by significant Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 72 hour reporting time
  • Discount against any additional consultancy required
  • Access to Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance quotations
  • Accepted by ALL major lenders

Data providerGroundsure
Sample reportSample Review report
Coverage areaBritain

Report typeCommercial
Area or point selectionArea
Estimated delivery time Within 72 hours (3 day)

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