GroundSure EnviroInsight: Identify potential risks and immediate site overview
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GroundSure EnviroInsight

GroundSure EnviroInsight offers condensed data in an easy to use report format combined with an aerial photograph, enabling the quick identification of potential risks and helping to give an immediate site overview.

The report also contains unique data sets such as High Pressure Oil and Gas Pipeline data, World Heritage Sites, Geological and Sensitive Sites (such as SSSIs), offering a new quality standard and enhanced levels of data, choice, flexibility and clarity.

In addition to all standard data sets, the GroundSure EnviroInsight comprises:

  • 1:10 000 Ordnance Survey Street Map
  • Current aerial photography
  • Overview of data findings
  • Environment Agency as well as British Geological Survey Groundwater flooding
  • Summary of Geology based on British Geological Survey 1:50 000 geological mapping
  • Summary of natural hazards based on British Geological Survey GeoSure data
  • Environmental setting map including SPZ map and environmentally sensitive designated sites

The search radiuses are dependent on the dataset, e.g. Landfill, other waste sites are searched to 1500m from the site boundary, current land uses (including trade directories) are searched to 500m from the site boundary. A summary of the geology, mining and natural hazards is given onsite.


All the data you need to inform and support your professional assessment and opinion:

  • Easier to use
  • Facilitates accurate assessment
  • Aerial photographs give you an immediate view of the site
  • Features current aerial photos
  • A4 data report and maps rather than A3
  • Advanced graphical representation of each data element
  • Data specific radial searches

Data providerGroundsure
Sample reportSample EnviroInsight report
Coverage areaBritain

Report typeEnvironmental
Area or point selectionArea
Estimated delivery time Within 24 hours (1 day)

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