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Expired data licence management tool

FIND's simple yet advanced data licence management system allows you and your company to track your data licenses, be informed of when they are due to expire, and be able to quickly and easily renew just the licenses you need.

All data purchased is logged and you will be sent a monthly reminder email whenever a data licence you possess has expired. You are then able to re-purchase a licence for that data and re-download it, or declare that you have deleted or archived it. This simple system has many benefits:

  • A tool for your organisation to demonstrate transparent licensing during audits
  • Proves that your company consciously recognises the importance of legitimate licensing of GIS data
  • Centrally manage licenses - your entire data export history can be viewed on one page, across your whole company or by individual users
  • Re-purchase data licence - renew your licence at the click of a button and download it again from the FIND website
  • Declare data to be deleted/archived - stay within licence restrictions by declaring your data deleted or archived
  • Monthly email reminder - keeps you alert to any expired data licenses
  • Cost effective - this completely FREE feature is easy to use; simply log in and click on 'My account' and then 'Expired licenses' to view your expired data licenses.
  • Saves time - you no longer need to manually track and manage your purchased data
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