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Ordnance Survey Standard Licensed Use

The previous Plan, Design and Build Licence and Internal Business Use licences have been merged into a single licence, called Standard Licensed Use (SLU). This change was made to help project managers and users of OS data who are undertaking a single project being worked on by many seperate bodies. Under SLU, you can legally share Ordnance Survey mapping with other project participants, throughout every stage of a project. This licence is project specific but includes terms and conditions for sharing the data with other project participants.

The SLU licence is automatically included with every export of OS data as a PDF document, which clearly details your data rights whether you are a public sector body, utilities or infrastructure body, or other private company. Also included is a Contractor Licence, which must be filled out if you wish to share OS data with other project participants.

Rights associated with the licence:

  • 1, 2 or 3 year licenses available for MasterMap
  • 3 year licence for other Ordnance Survey datasets
  • Share license with other bodies working on same project (Contractor licence also applies)
  • Use on unlimited terminals within your business (up to 234 kmĀ²)
  • Archive a single copy of data perpetually for dispute resolution
  • Use by contractor on work related to project only
  • Produce reports (providing they do not carry advertising) for related project only
  • Produce and share paper copies related to the project

The 2 and 3 year licence price works out significantly cheaper than purchasing the 1 year licence for concurrent years. Guide for High density/urban MasterMap:

  • 2 year licence = 1 year MasterMap price + 92%
  • 3 year licence = 1 year MasterMap price + 176%
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