Street map for Northern Ireland 1:10000:
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OSNI Street map (1:10 000)

Street map is a detailed raster map available from the Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. It provides clear, detailed and textual information on roads, buildings, fields, administrative boundaries, water features, and vegetation overlaid by contours at 10m intervals. It can broadly be considered the equivalent of the OS "Street map" 1:10 000 scale raster for Great Britain.

Street map is available as compressed tiles covering 4.8km x 3.2km. It is geo-referenced to the Irish Grid, and supplied with world files so it can easily be displayed in GIS software.

Data providerOrdnance Survey Northern Ireland
Sample of dataSample PDF
Coverage areaNorthern Ireland

Version date of datasetJune 2010
Frequency of update cycleQuarterly

ExportableYes (through order form only)
Export formatsTIFF, ECW

Exporting£10.70 per 4.8km x 3.2km tile

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