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Title Registers and Title Plans

FIND offers a unique method of ordering Land Registry documents, allowing multiple documents to be ordered from the map screen without having to enter address details. FIND's document ordering process is a quick and convenient way to obtain land ownership information.

  • Official copy of Title Register (OC1)

This document contains a description of the land within the title, and gives details of the legal owner of the property, along with any restrictions on their power to sell, mortgage or otherwise deal with the land. There is also a section in the register that contains details of registered mortgages and notice of other financial burdens secured on the property. Information on other rights and interests that affect the property, such as leases, rights of way or covenants that limit how the property can be used, is also included.

  • Official copy of Title Plan (OC1)

The title plan displays the boundary of the property in relation to surrounding properties and features. The map will be a copy from when the property was registered.

Data providerLand Registry
Sample Sample Register document
SampleSample Plan document
Coverage areaEngland and Wales

Area or point selectionArea or Point
Estimated delivery time Within 2 hours (electronically), 3-5 days (hard copy)

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