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Land Registry plotting and ordering service

FIND offers several new and unique services to manage land ownership issues around a site and provide a central location for your Land Registry information. Implementing these services across your company can avoid duplication of work and cost of ordering documents multiple times.

  • Land Registry document ordering

If you have a large site or you require documents for a range of sites, FIND can order all the documents you require, before adding them to FIND as an additional layer.

  • Title Plan boundary plotting

We can create a boundary line from Land Registry Title plans and give it back to you in CAD / GIS format enabling you to add the information into your own internal systems or for display within your own Land Registry boundary layer on FIND.

  • Add Title information to FIND

When you purchase title documents, including the title plan, FIND can map the title boundaries and add these as a layer unique to your company onto FIND. Attached to each boundary will be useful title details as well as links to copies of the title documents.

To find out more about the above services including pricing please call the support team on 0845 521 1410 or email

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