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5m - 10m Interval contours

FIND’s height contour data is from the Ordnance Survey Landform PROFILE product range. Height contours are suitable for use when slope, aspect and height of the land may be a factor in assessment or analysis. The dataset also includes spot heights that have either been surveyed or captured by photogrammetry.

Contours and air heights have been captured from Ordnance Survey’s 1:10 000 scale mapping. This has also been supplemented by spot heights and high/low water marks from Ordnance Surveys 1:1250, 1:2500 and 1:10 000 scale digital data.

The normal interval for contours is 5m though this drops to 10m intervals in some mountain and moorland areas. The recontouring of the 1:10 000 mapping was completed in 1987 using photogrammetric techniques with some ground surveying. Thicker index contours are displayed at every 25m vertical interval or at every 50m interval in mountainous areas.

Spot heights are normally positioned along roads and are accurate to 0.1m. Air heights are captured through photogrammetric methods and are usually shown on hilltops, river crossings and valley junctions among other places and are accurate to a precision of 1m.

Typically this data can be used for a variety of applications such as visual impact analysis, river catchment pollution analysis, archaeology and preliminary highway planning.

Data providerOrdnance Survey
Sample of dataSample layered PDF
Coverage areaBritain
Vertical accuracy for Intermap+/- 2.5m (for 5m) or +/- 5m (for 10m)
Horizontal accuracy for IntermapMapped at 1:10 000 scale

Version date of datasetOctober 2004
Frequency of update cycleNo update planned

Viewable in map windowYes
Viewable on map backgroundsStreet, Locale
Viewable between scales1: 3 001 - 1: 25 000

Printable between scales 1: 3 001 - 1: 25 000

Export formatsDWG, DXF, TAB, SHP
Maximum export size via internet1 000 hectares (10 km²)

Viewing£1.00 fixed for 1-5 sq km, £0.20 per sq km thereafter
Exporting£10.00 fixed for 1-50 sq km, £5.00 per 25 sq km thereafter

Period layer saved for viewing (without incurring further costs)12 months
Period print saved for (without incurring further costs)12 months

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