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Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (previously NaFRA)

The Environment Agency's 'Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea' dataset, previously NAFRA (National Flood Risk Assessment), is the standard dataset for determining categories of flood risk in the insurance industry and is key in implementing the Association of British Insurers (ABI) flood agreement with the government.

Unlike other sites, FIND’s unique interface allows you to pinpoint your sites in the context of river and coastal flood risk. This spatial dataset is available for business use to view between a wide range of map scales and can be shown on a variety of map backgrounds, as well as over aerial photography.

The 'Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea' dataset provides an indication of flood risk by calculating the actual likelihood of flooding to areas of land within flood plains from an extreme flood (1 in 1000 or 0.1% chance in any given year).

Within this area, land is categorised as being of low (1 in 200 chance or less), moderate (1 in 75 to 1 in 200 chance) or significant (more than 1 in 75 chance) risk of flooding from rivers or the sea in any given year. The model provides a broad assessment of the likelihood of flood risk to a site by predicting the likelihood that the centre of a 50m cell will be flooded. The method considers a number of different flood scenarios, including a change in the distance from a given area to a river or the sea and the probability that flood defences fail. The product is constantly being developed and updated with improved terrain data, and local knowledge and the current condition of flood defences.

The ability to view the 'Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea' dataset (2013) flood layer in combination with other flooding and environmental datasets is also particular to FIND. This is a crucial feature when considering the complexity and diverse sources of flood risk. In addition, all flood information can be printed with a map background for use in professional reports to give them greater impact and quality. Furthermore extracts of flood data can be exported in a variety of GIS and CAD formats for further analysis independently of FIND.

Data providerEnvironment Agency
Sample of dataSample layered PDF
Coverage areaEngland and Wales

Version date of dataset2017
Frequency of update cycleIrregular

Viewable in map windowYes
Viewable on map backgroundsAll map backgrounds except FIND Map / OS Plan
Viewable between scales1: 3 000 - 1: 150 000

Printable between scales 1: 3 000 - 1: 150 000

Export formatsDWG, DXF, TAB, SHP
Maximum export size via internet3 000 hectares (30 km²)

Period layer saved for viewing (without incurring further costs)1 month
Period print saved for (without incurring further costs)1 month

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