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Complete address solution

This solution provides the most complete and comprehensive address information for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties across Great Britain. Knowing actual addresses and the associated information is a valuable tool to defining the amenities and character of an area. This information will help in a multitude of ways across your company from planning and logistics to spatial analysis. Quick and easy to access detailed addressing data such as this is useful, for example, when the creation of mail outs are needed for all properties that may be affected by a nearby development.

  • Royal Mail addresses

Provided direct from the Royal Mail database, these are the standard postal addresses for Britain.

  • Alternative addresses

For properties that may be identified by more than one address. For example, some properties known locally as a certain building name may also have a Royal mail street number, as well as the Welsh translation of the address.

  • Properties without a postal address

Details of properties that do not have a postal address are provided, these include community halls and churches and are given a generated geographical address.

  • Multiple occupancy properties

Where a property has multiple properties but only a single point of delivery, all the addresses are provided. For example, a building with multiple flats but only a single post box on the front door.

  • Property use

Each address provided has additional information associated with it. This includes detailed land use information based on the National Land Use Database, valuations office categories and observations from surveyors. This gives details of the property down to a refined level. For example, an address can be classified first as 'Retail', then 'Shopping', then 'Superstore' and then as a 'Supermarket'. The address is also cross referenced to the Valuations Office database, which can provide information on Non-Domestic Rates data and Council Tax data.

  • Coordinates

Each addresses has its associated coordinates for the property. So the information can be added to a GI system.

Data providerOrdnance Survey, Royal Mail
Sample of dataDownload sample
Version date of dataset2017

Frequency of update cycleQuarterly

ExportableYes (not printable or viewable)
Export formatsCSV, SHP, TAB
Maximum export size via internet10 km²

Exporting£3.00 per ha for low density areas, £4.00 per ha for medium density, £5.00 per ha for high density

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