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FIND Maps November 2011 Newsletter

Amid fears that millions of trees could be lost to disease unless urgent action is taken, the UK government has launched a tree biosecurity plan.

"If we don't act now, we could end up with a similar situation to the 1970s when more than 30 million trees in the UK died as a result of Dutch elm disease," said Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman.

The action plan aims to find ways to combat exotic pests and diseases, as well as introducing stricter controls on plants and cuttings being brought across the UK's borders.

This story stuck a chord with the consultancy team here at FIND which is currently working in collaboration with a large UK local authority to develop a mobile app to map trees. The app will enable mobile operatives to plot trees on a detailed map background together with information about their condition etc. This information will then be used to inform the management of these precious assets.

From trees to large property portfolios, bespoke GIS solutions like this can be effectively applied to the management of a range of assets.

GIA, for example, had amassed measured surveys and 3D models for over 6,000 project sites across London. The FIND consultancy team developed a bespoke GIS solution which streamlined the storage, organisation and retrieval of this valuable information.

Why not talk to the team at FIND to explore how you might benefit from their expertise in applying the latest GIS solutions to your asset management challenges.

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Product spotlight - Asset management layer on FIND Maps

  • Make your company's data viewable on our www.findmaps.co.uk mapping portal with a secure login
  • Ideal for businesses who would like to access internal data in one central online location
  • Give staff instant access to view, query and print your company's business intelligence information on a web platform
  • Work closely with experienced consultants to create a bespoke data package specific to your organisation's needs

"By investing in FIND we have reduced project costs. We are also able to reap maximum benefit from our investment in data acquisition."

- Gordon Ingram, Senior Partner, GIA

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