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FIND June 2010 Newsletter

Many companies have recently had to adjust to a new economic reality and this has had a knock-on effect on many GIS mapping teams within the property sector, to the extent that many teams' staffing levels were cut back. In many cases this meant that mapping responsibility was handed over to more general, non-specialist staff in an effort to save money leading to mapping needs being somewhat neglected, despite the fact that business, particularly this year, has begun to pick up again. As a consequence of this increased demand, many organisations have adopted FIND's web platform as an effective way to offset recent developments and compensate for their reduced mapping support...So in this World Cup year, we'd like you to think of FIND as your twelfth man, whatever the task.

Don't forget to visit our site next week to get the lowdown on our exciting June release.

On a lighter note, we wanted to focus your attention on something that is not only close to our hearts, but a truly fascinating and informative experience (even for the layman). The British Library's 'Magnificent Maps' exhibition, looks at how maps have been used throughout history as propaganda, art forms and expressions of power.


Mariam Crichton

Product spotlight - Accessing Land Registry documents

  • Purchase Land Registry title documents directly from the FIND map screen - you don't need to know the exact address.
  • Purchase multiple title documents during one transaction - order 50 documents within 10 minutes, FIND provides a great title document management tool.
  • Considerable cost savings when ordering a Land Registry SIM search - no need to pre-purchase a map for your SIM order.
  • Ask FIND to plot title plans for you - enables you and your colleagues to view/print the boundaries on one map when logged on to FIND.

"Using FIND's Land Registry plotting service we can now take control and centrally manage our land ownership documents rather than having lots of separate documents to piece together."

- Gordon Ingram, Senior Partner GIA


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