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FIND Maps July 2011 Newsletter

Making sure that the data you are using is legally compliant can often be a pain. That's why we offer FIND Maps users an expired data licence management tool. It's a simple system that keeps track of your data licences, informs you when they're due to expire and allows you to renew them quickly and easily.

The release of datasets which can be used by private individuals/public bodies free of charge has caused some confusion regarding licensing for commercial use. In response, we have put together a summary which clarifies the situation. Our easy to read commercial data use licence guide is a table giving clear information about licensing requirements. The table covers 50 data providers including Environment Agency and British Geological Survey/National Environmental Research Council.

July saw the launch of a new FIND Maps product specifically designed for commercial organisations that need to view or print data with the assurance that they are being legally compliant. When, for copyright reasons, you can't use sites such as 'Whats In Your Back Yard', EnviroFIND allows you to access the data you need with the assurance that you're staying on the right side of licensing law. EnviroFIND is ideal for completing desk studies and preparing bids more efficiently as it enables users to target the information they need rather than paying for and then sifting through lengthy reports full of extraneous data. Operating on a subscription basis, EnviroFIND offers unlimited numbers of views per month from as little as £1 per day. We hope you find it useful.

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Product spotlight - EnviroFIND

  • Unlimited viewing of over 20 Environment Agency and British Geological Survey data layers from just £1 per day
  • Reduced rates for viewing and markup of many other environmental datasets over Ordnance Survey maps
  • Ideal for Phase 1 environmental desktop studies, bid preparation, site assessment and due diligence reporting
  • Special offer - receive one months free access to EnviroFIND when you purchase £500 worth of environmental reports in a single month

"EnviroFIND is just what the industry needs right now, with a user-friendly interface that gives the user access to key environmental data of their choosing, rather than being presented with pages of data which the user does not want or possibly need."

- Rob Vollans, Mott MacDonald

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