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FIND February 2011 Newsletter

The big news story in the mapping sector this month is the announcement that Phase II of the new Ordnance Survey pricing and licensing model is due to be released on 1 April. FIND was privileged to work closely with Ordnance Survey to help formulate this new model and we welcome the changes. You will be pleased to know that there are benefits to be gained from the new pricing structure and we will keep you updated on our blog.

This week we have enhanced the environment package on FIND. It now includes aquifer designation datasets from the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency. At www.findmaps.co.uk you can now view, print and export data for bedrock, superficial deposits and soil permeability. FIND is the only site which offers this data online.

Watch out next week for the release of FIND's exciting new website.

Mariam Crichton

Product spotlight - New Aquifers layer

  • The Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey have created a new aquifer designation dataset to reflect the importance of aquifers in terms of groundwater as a resource (drinking water) and their role in supporting surface water flows and wetland ecosystems
  • Underground layers of water bearing permeable rock or drift deposits are defined as new classifications; principle and secondary aquifers which define the scale, strategic or local, at which the aquifers can affect water supply and base river flows.
  • The data is used to provide an indication of where groundwater resources may be vulnerable from potentially polluting activities carried out on the surface. This analysis will aid with the planning and development process of residential properties as well as hazardous industries.

"This new and innovative service provided by FIND supports the British Geological Survey's goal to communicate more effectively the significance and benefits of geoscience information to a range of diverse stakeholders"

- Malcolm Brown, British Geological Survey

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