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FIND August 2010 Newsletter

There has recently been a furore about the axing of the (previous) government's 'Building Schools for the Future' scheme, leaving some 715 projects out of 1,500 cancelled, and its impact on the construction industry. Originally the scheme was meant to revamp all 3,500 schools in England by 2023, and while the governments aims were laudable, the reality was somewhat different; BSF's first target was 200 schools rebuilt by the end of 2008, the number actually rebuilt was 35.

Despite this and the current government's propensity for cuts, this still leaves some 785 projects still available and given the current state of the construction industry, it is vital for companies that these projects still go ahead. It is also important that they try to maximise their profit in this time of recession recovery and enable these valuable projects to come in on time and on budget.

At FIND we have a wide selection of services and data to help these companies to fully realise their projects. From plotting planning applications and Land Registry titles to height maps and 3D building models, along with a wide range of planning and environmental information and cutting-edge consultancy services, we are able to offer our users a holistic solution while saving precious time and money.

Mariam Crichton

Product spotlight - Planning applications

  • Instantly view all planning applications around your site on a map, dating back to 2004 from all 465 Local Authorities across the UK, or purchase a summary report with a detailed breakdown of each application
  • Useful for identifying works and developments around your site that could affect your project, and for identifying 'hotspots' of redevelopment
  • Apply various filters to the planning applications relevant to view those relevant to your project - for example display by year, property type, development type, and planning application status and size

"FIND are the first to map Glenigan's planning application database containing every planning application across the UK. FIND's interface has useful filters to search for specific applications of interest. It is a pleasure working with a dynamic and innovative company within the property sector."

- Phil Harris, Head of Client Development, Glenigan

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