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New release - October 2010

FIND is continually growing with new data and reports. So if you have any ideas or suggestions at all about our site, please just call our Support Team on
0845 521 1410 or email:

Enhanced service

Enhanced Land Registry titles, plans and SIM search ordering via online map
  • Simplified searching and ordering process
  • Clearer search results
  • Faster and more effective conveyancing tool

Key benefit

We have listened to your feedback and enhanced our Land Registry services to give you a better user experience. Online map searching and ordering of Land Registry documents is now quicker and more intuitive saving you time and money.

New map screen features

End of a map session 'shopping basket'
  • See an itemised breakdown of map views, prints, exports, reports and Land Registry documents you've ordered.
  • View at the top right of the map screen or at the end of a map session

Key benefit

Now easily keep track of all accepted spending during and at the end of a map session.
Environmental due dilligence report email alerts
  • Get notified instantly by email when your environmental report is ready to download from FIND
  • Works for all GroundSure reports, including; MapInsight, EnviroInsight, GeoInsight, MapInsight, FloodInsight, Insight bundle, SiteGuard, Screening, Review, Data, Homebuyers, Planning, Flood

Key benefit

No more hanging around wondering when your report is ready to download. Now you are free to get on with other activities until you receive an email notification that your report is ready.
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