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New releases - October 2009

FIND is continually growing with new data and reports. So if you have any ideas or suggestions at all about our site, please just call our Support Team on
0845 521 1410 or email:

*Special offers*

Ultra View aerial photo limited price offer - Save £280
  • FIND's Ultra View provides over 24,000 of the highest resolution aerial photographs within the London M25 area. These can be instantly download in JPG format from the map screen.
  • For a limited time order 4 Ultra View images for £100, a 75% price reduction down from £380.
  • Individual photos have also been reduced from £95 to £49 (all prices quoted exclude VAT).

Key benefit

FIND's Ultra View photography is ideal for quality presentations and marketing particulars. It is also a major advantage to have when assessing roof detail and site boundaries.

New functionality

New advanced tools
  • Rotate and re-size annotations
  • Show nodes on OS vector maps button
  • Add and delete nodes
  • Snap to node button
  • Merge polygons button
  • Adjust line thickness and style
  • Change the layer order of annotations
  • Choose from millions of additional colours
  • Select colours from two colour picker setups, either by eye or dial in RGB/HSB values.
  • Make colour fills transparent.

Key benefit

Easily produce advanced map annotations online without the need for costly software.

New data

Blom 50cm LiDAR DTM and DSM now available from £31
  • Minimum purchase was £124 now only £31 (excl. VAT)
  • 50cm grid spacing/ Vertical accuracy +/- 15cm
  • Instantly export in DWG, DXF, XYZ, ASC

Key benefit

LiDAR height data is now available for smaller sites at an even more affordable price.
Rights of way free to view, print and export
  • See rights of way clearly over a variety of map backgrounds for England.
  • Access land shows all areas of registered common land and of open country.
  • Dedicated land displays land that has been dedicated by landowners or long leaseholders for permanent access.
  • Additional layer for Areas of natural importance in the Environmental data package

Key benefit

Determine if rights of public access to a site may hinder its development.
Agricultural land classification
  • See Agricultural land classification clearly over a variety of map backgrounds for England.
  • Agricultural land is classified into 5 grades from 1 to 5 in descending quality
  • Additional layer for Areas of natural importance in the Environmental data package

Key benefit

Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) provides a method for making decisions about the use of land in the planning system.

New reports

Planning applications report with maps
  • Filter planning application reports by month and year, property type, development type, planning application status and size
  • Uses data from EMAP Glenigan who currently track over 70,000 planned construction projects.
  • See planning applications mapped around your site at set distances.

Key benefit

Valuable strategic tool for organisations monitoring competitor activity and identifying development opportunities.
Protected views report enhanced
  • Includes proposed changes to the London Views Management Framework (LVMF).
  • The protect view risk layer is now only £1. Use this to assess if you need a report.

Key benefit

Determine if protected views around your site may hinder or block possible development.


Plan Design Build licence for OS MasterMap
  • Aimed at project managers and end-users who are undertaking projects in the land and property market
  • Licence your OS map data for up to 2.5 years
  • Archiving beyond licence term up to 13 years
  • Available for CAD formats (DWG and DXF) only

Key benefit

Legally share Ordnance Survey mapping throughout the plan design and build process.
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