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New release - August 2011

FIND is continually growing with new data and reports. So if you have any ideas or suggestions at all about our site, please just call our Support Team on
0845 521 1410 or email:

Maps and data

OS MasterMap export price drop
  • All OS MasterMap exports prices over 25ha are now reduced
  • Example: 30ha export was £211.70, now £194.70
  • Example: 500ha export was £2,094.20, now £591.70
  • Export formats DWG, DXF, TAB, SHP

Key benefit

Reduce your spend on OS MasterMap exports
Radon potential layer and data updated with Scottish data
  • Radon potential map for Scotland now available
  • Produced by British Geological Survey and Health Protection Agency
  • Shows main areas with elevated Radon continue to be parts of Aberdeenshire, Highland and Orkney

Key benefit

Layer displays the best available information for determining if properties require extra protective measures due to the presence of Radon.

New licence

Ordnance Survey Standard Licensed Use
  • Previous Plan, Design and Build Licence and Internal Business Use licences have been merged into a single licence, called Standard Licensed Use (SLU).
  • License allows legal sharing of Ordnance Survey mapping with other project participants
  • SLU licence is automatically included with every export of OS data as a PDF document. Also included is a Contractor Licence (fill out if you wish to share OS data with other project participants).
  • New ability to archive one copy of the data for dispute resolution
  • 1, 2 or 3 year licenses available for OS MasterMap
  • 3 year licence for Ordnance Survey maps and datasets: Street 10k, Locale 25k, Town 50k, Address Layer 2, Landform PROFILE DTM, CodePoint Polygons

Key benefit

Simplifies licensing arrangements for Ordnance Survey maps and data.

New service

EnviroFIND - Online viewing subscription service
  • New online viewing subscription service for viewing environmental data on FIND Maps
  • Unlimited viewing of over 20 Environment Agency and British Geological Survey data layers
  • Data fully usable for commercial purposes
  • Offer: Spend £500 on reports via FIND Maps we will offer one month's free access to EnviroFIND.

Key benefit

Complete desk studies and bid preparations more efficiently as specific data can be targeted rather than having to sift through lengthy reports.
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