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New release - August 2010

FIND is continually growing with new data and reports. So if you have any ideas or suggestions at all about our site, please just call our Support Team on
0845 521 1410 or email:

New service

Expired data licence management tool
  • A tool for your organisation to demonstrate transparent licensing during audits
  • Centrally manage licenses - your entire data export history can be viewed on one page, across your whole company or by individual users
  • Re-purchase data licences - renew your licence at the click of a button and download it again from the FIND website

Key benefit

Whether you export just one dataset a year or several hundred, our system allows your company to track data licenses, be informed of expiration dates and easily renew them if necessary. An easy-to-use yet advanced data licence management tool.
Land Registry Plotting Service
  • View title boundaries you have purchased via the mapping portal, allowing you to see where they are in relation to each other and current properties
  • Allow access across your company to title bounndary maps with your own Land Registry map layer on FIND
  • With all this information in one place, FIND provides you with an invaluable tool to manage your property portfolio

Key benefit

Helps you recognise land ownership issues and any potential boundary disputes, as well as making workflow more efficient by saving time and avoiding duplication of work.

Free map offer

Free London building height map for two weeks only
  • Our new London building height map layer as free to view for the first two weeks of August
  • Map allows you to see at a glance the average and maxiumum height of any London building, its area and volume, complete with the estimated number of residential and commercial floors

Key benefit

Trial the UK's most accurate building height map at no cost. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is logon to FIND during the offer period - between the 1st and 14th of August 2010 - and simply view the height map.

New data and reports

3D Building Models
  • Models have the highest level of detail and accuracy currently available
  • Offer Architects and CAD modellers a real life representation of a site or project area
  • Drop straight into CAD programs with no additional processing necessary
  • High detail models contain all features in medium detail models, plus all trees, paths, awnings, minor roof details, building supports, bridge stilts and archways.

Key benefit

Cost effective, these models have a variety of applications such as strategic view shed, planning and height restrictions, project visualisation, sun/shadow studies, mast installation, environmental studies, and much more.
FloodInsight Report from GroundSure
  • A detailed data report for professionals assessing commercial flood risk.
  • Includes various detailed flood risk datasets from JBA consulting, the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey.
  • Compliments all the GroundSure Insight data products and will provide professionals with accurate and current information for their assessment requirements.

Key benefit

Offers a broad selection of data including separate flood risks on individual maps for a comprehensive and easily interpreted flooding overview of an area.

New tools

Toolbar measuring units
  • You can now choose to measure an area or line in six different units of measurement, including: Hectares/Km, Metres²/Metres, Km²/Feet, Acres/Miles, Miles²/Miles

Key benefit

Project areas vary in size and shape. This tool allows for on-the-fly calculations so you can quickly find out the size of an area or length of a line in various metric and imperial units of measurement.
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