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New release - April 2011

FIND is continually growing with new data and reports. So if you have any ideas or suggestions at all about our site, please just call our Support Team on
0845 521 1410 or email:

New maps and data

British Geological Survey dataset update
  • All data layers from the BGS have been updated, including the geology maps, ground stability and flooding layers
  • Coverage of Geology 10K data has been significantly increased, especially in south east England and Lincolnshire
  • There are additional zones within the River and coastal flooding layer defining higher and lower areas of potential flood.

Key benefit

Instant access to geological information for your site area.
Aquifer permeability layer
  • The Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey have created a new aquifer designation dataset to reflect the importance of aquifers in terms of groundwater as a resource (drinking water) and their role in supporting surface water flows and wetland ecosystems
  • The only website you can view, print and export this information
  • Aquifers are defined with new classifications; principle and secondary aquifers defining the scale, strategic or local, at which the aquifers can affect water supply and base river flows.

Key benefit

Use this layer to aid in the planning and development process to provide an indication where groundwater resources may be vulnerable from potentially polluting activities.
Soil permeability layer
  • Created from the Environment Agency groundwater vulnerability information
  • Displays soil permeability and soil class details, based on the physical and chemical properties of the soil that affects the downward passage of water and contaminants
  • Use with the new aquifer designation layer for maximum benefit.

Key benefit

Use this layer when doing environmental assessments on undisturbed natural soils.

New website

FIND's Personalise Your Map portal
  • was successfully launched in March. This site makes it possible for members of the public to create and customise their own maps for free. The site is not for commercial use.
  • Customise the map styling to suit your own needs using the 'Your Google Map' feature.
  • User-friendly mapping toolkit allows you to annotate with shapes, text, symbols, styling, use measuring tools and save to PDF in a neat print template.

Key benefit

Unique website that makes it possible for members of the public to create and customise their own maps for free.
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