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This area of the site is aimed at assisting you in using the FIND tools and services on offer. Simply select a help topic from the dropdown list below to find out more about your topic of interest.

Printing explained

You are able to print / create an interactive layered PDF of the map area currently displayed within your FIND Map Screen. Alternatively you can print / create a JPG (Jpeg) picture version of your map area. JPG's do not have the same functionality as a PDF but they do allow for your print to be easily inserted into documents or reports. All prints include a map background, all visible data layers and annotations you have created, excluding the locator pin.

A layered PDF allows you to have a document comprised of various layers that can be toggled on and off easily for display on screen or when printing. This can be viewed and printed within a basic Adobe reader. The layers within this PDF can be queried similarly to how you can 'Info' displayed layers on the FIND Map Screen for attribute information.

When you open a layered PDF in Adobe reader expand the layers tab on the left to display a list of all the map layers stored within the document. These can be turned on and off individually for display or printing purposes. You will need Adobe reader version 7 or above to see layers contained within the document, and have access to the 'Object data tool' which allows you to info the map layers.

How to create a print
Re-downloading a map

How to create a print

Click 'Print' on the actions bar at the top of the map screen. A panel will appear with various options for customising your print. Select the paper orientation, portrait, landscape or full screen, scale and the paper size. There are various map window sizes relative to the print size including A4 Small A4 Standard, A4 Large or A3. If you want a small map window on your print that takes up a relatively little amount of space on the page choose A4 Small. Once you have selected your print size options a translucent orange rectangle will appear indicating the map area included in your print. If you want to alter the map area displayed you can use the zoom buttons in the 'Map view' panel.

Change the map background of a print by using the 'Select map background' drop down menu. Different map backgrounds will be selectable depending on the map print scale.

Set the scale you would like your map to print at by choosing one of the four predefined options in the 'Select scale' dropdown menu, or by typing your desired scale into the menu and pressing enter.

You have the option to add a FIND template to your print. The template adds a panel to your map where you can insert a title, additional information and a logo. When you check the tick box, the template fields become available. The title box is limited to 100 characters and the additional text 350 characters. To add a small picture logo into the title box click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the logo you wish to insert (jpg, jpeg, gif and png formats only).

Once you have created your print you will be able to download it from the 'Download' tab. When the document is ready to be downloaded the tab will turn orange. From the Download tab you can save your Print straight to your computer. If you rename the file please ensure that you add '.zip' to the end of the file name otherwise the file will not open correctly. You are also able to download the document from the 'Orders' page of the 'My account' area of FIND for up to four weeks after purchase.

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe reader to open PDF documents. Once opened you are able to turn layers on and off by expanding the map folder situated on the top left of the displayed PDF. Do this by clicking on and off check boxes next to the relevant data layers.

To display extra detail about a layer on a PDF turn on the 'Object Data Tool' found within 'Tools' at the top of the page. Once you have activated the 'Object Data Tool' you can hover over the map, the mouse cursor will change to a '+' when extra data is available and will appear in the bottom left of the PDF.

In the bottom left of the printing box there is an option to download the free Adobe Reader to view and print layered PDFs.

Re-downloading a map
Get a free Adobe Reader
View overview of layers and using the 'Object data tool' on a PDF

Re-downloading a print

If you have already created a print (PDF or JPG) you can re-download it from the 'Orders' page of the 'My account' area of FIND for up to four weeks after purchase. On this page locate the print you wish to re-download and save to your computer. Click on the green button to the right hand side of the relevant row to initiate the download. Please note only FIND Account Administrators and Intermediate Users can view other users from the company's prints. General Users can only view and re-download their own prints.

How to create a print
Edit a saved print

Edit a saved print

To edit a saved print open the parent saved project located in the 'Open projects' panel. The red outline on the map represents the border of the print. Change any annotations as required and then open print options panel with ‘+’ to reprint.

Re-downloading a print

Ordnance Survey Paper Map Copying Licence

In most cases, clients are required by Ordnance Survey to purchase a Paper Map Copying Licence. This licence allows a business to:
  • Copy unlimited amounts of original Ordnance Survey mapping to support day-to-day business activities
  • Make copies of mapping in either paper or electronic form (although electronic copies are subject to some specific rules)
  • Include copies of mapping in leaflets, brochures and websites, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Use copies of mapping as part of a professional service, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Copy Ordnance Survey mapping in all offices where your business operates, subject to the applicable fee payable for that number of offices

Purchase your Ordnance Survey Paper Map Copying Licence here
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