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Here you'll find frequently asked questions about FIND with simple answers to the queries. If you can't see the answer you need, have a look at our comprehensive site help, submit a question using the form at the bottom of this page or call our Support team.

Why register?

You need to register to be able to view maps and map data online. Not all information layers are free to view on FIND so you need to set up an account for monthly invoicing.

What is a data package?

Central to FIND is the concept of a Data Package. Working with the support of the most reputable data providers in the country, including Ordnance Survey, the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency, we have categorised the huge range of data available by key areas of interest. Grouping relevant information together from various sources in this way provides a simple and fast way for you to access the rich site intelligence you need.

This information can then be visualised on the FIND colour map, with the flexibility to turn on and off layers that are relevant to your site for simple, fast and cost effective comparison and analysis at your desktop.

What do I need to run FIND?

All you need is a computer which supports Flash Player version 9 or higher.

You are not limited by operating system because FIND works on Windows 98, NT4, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris and others.

Nor are you restricted to any particular web browser, with FIND working on Internet Explorer from version 5.5 onwards, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and more.

How secure is FIND?

FIND uses SSL technology. This is short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed for transmitting private documents and information via the internet and is the same as that used by online banks. We have taken all steps necessary to protect our clients and continue to closely monitor all new technologies available for this purpose.

Can I customise a printed map?

You can import icons and logos in the map window. This allows you to add a company logo or particular customised icons to a map before it is printed. You can also add annotations, for example squares, circles, lines, or text labels by using the tools found in the Editing Tools panel. This is particularly useful for giving reports more impact and quality.

What is a layered PDF?

A layered PDF is an electronic copy of the map and information layers you have purchased for your site. As with the map, screen layers can be turned on and off via the layers tab in any PDF reader. Our users have found that these interactive PDFs have significantly enhanced the flexibility and quality of their reports.

What aerial photography can I buy?

FIND has both current and historical photos available for purchase and download. Our historical photograph archive has been sourced from a number of suppliers and so composes a unique historical photographic record of both plan and oblique images. The current aerial photography library contains some of the best resolution images in the world for the UK.

FIND has also created hard copy photograph packages which are a compilation of photos of various landmark areas through time, for example the Docklands - Canary Wharf area of London.

How do I pay for maps?

FIND emails a monthly invoice notification to the account contact given at registration. You can pay your invoice by cheque posted to Accounts, FIND, Thames House, 18 Park street, London, SE1 9EQ or by credit card through the My Account, Invoices page. Copies of a fully itemised invoices can also be downloaded from this page.

Can I add other users to my account?

You can add as many secondary users to your account as you like. This allows others in your company to view and purchase data from FIND using your account information and you will only receive one monthly invoice. Account users will also be able to access all downloads carried out by the other account users which makes this a very cost effective business tool. If you are the first to register for a company you will be classed as the Account Administrator. This allows you to add and delete Account Users.

Why do I have to pay to view some layers in the map window?

Many of the layers available from FIND are sourced from external data providers who charge a royalty to view and download their map information. No costs will be charged if we have sourced the data for free.

Before you are able to view layers that incur a cost in the map window, you will be asked if you accept the viewing charge. Any charges you agree to will be charged to your account which you can then view. An invoice notification is emailed monthly to the Account payable contact given at registration.

What is an Ordnance Survey Paper Map Copying Licence and why do I need one?

In most cases, clients are required by Ordnance Survey to purchase a Paper Map Copying Licence. This licence allows your business to:

  • Copy unlimited amounts of original Ordnance Survey mapping to support day-to-day business activities
  • Make copies of mapping in either paper or electronic form (although electronic copies are subject to some specific rules)
  • Include copies of mapping in leaflets, brochures and websites, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Use copies of mapping as part of a professional service, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Copy Ordnance Survey mapping in all offices where your business operates, subject to the applicable fee payable for that number of offices

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