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FIND Maps offers many ways to reduce mapping costs and increase efficiency. See below to get an overview of how our pricing system works, see price lists and costs for typical site analysis with maps and data packages.

For more detailed pricing information please call our support team on 0845 521 1410 or email to obtain a quote or get more information.

FIND pricing explained

Our competitive prices are clearly displayed on the FIND map screen before you accept any charge. To help keep track of spending each month you receive an itemised invoice. Registration is free. You pay as you go for exactly what you need, with no annual subscription fees.

You can access mapping and data packages in three different formats:

View: maps and data layers are displayed on the FIND map screen within any web browser. This is ideal for initial site analysis, print composition and measuring.

Print: this captures maps and data displayed on the FIND map screen, including any annotations, as a PDF or JPEG for instant download to your desktop. This is perfect for giving reports, presentations and proposals greater impact, depth and quality.

Export: maps and data are instantly exported as a raw data files in number of different formats (dwg, dxf, shp, tab). Designed for professional GIS and CAD users.

In addition we offer a number of reports which are either offered for a single fee or charged on an area basis.

Example map and data package prices

FIND’s data packages give you access to site information and will allow you to conduct instant desktop site investigations. Below are two examples of the typical cost of an urban and an environmental site analysis.

Typical urban planning site analysis pricing (3 ha)

Map or data layerViewPrintExport
(OS Mastermap)
Listed buildingsFREEFREEFREE
Built heritageFREEFREEFREE
Conservation areas£1FREEN/A
Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Please note prints can only be made once data and maps have been viewed on the map screen first.

Typical environmental site analysis pricing (2 km²)

Map or data layerViewPrintExport
Street Map
(1:10 000)
Areas of natural importanceFREEFREEFREE
(Historic landfill)
Flood constraint£2£2£10
Geology 10k£14£16£24
Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Please note prints can only be made once data and maps have been viewed on the map screen first.

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