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Guide to Title Register and Plan ordering by map

1) Login to FIND and locate your site of interest.

2) Open the 'Report' panel on the map screen actions bar and click the 'Land Registry' tab. Then select 'Title documents (OC1)' to access Title Registers and Plans.

3) To define your site choose from two different tools - a 25 metre radius or polygon. To define your site with the 25 metre radius just select a centre point. Alternatively, draw points on the map with the polygon tool to create your own site (double-click to close the polygon). You can also move and redraw sites.

4) Click 'Confirm area' when you are happy with your search area. FIND will display a list of matching addresses. Tick boxes next to the addresses you would like to order corresponding Land Registry Titles for.

5) After approximately 2 minutes, a list of matching Land Registry Titles and Plans appears. Tick boxes next to addresses to order Register or Plans as necessary.

6) A small percentage of documents are delivered by post, so change your delivery address as necessary (the default is your company address registered to FIND). When you are ready to confirm the order click 'Continue', then ‘Order now’ to confirm your order.

7) Downloadable Land Registry documents appear in the 'Download tab' after a few minutes. Within the zip file you will receive a receipt listing all ordered documents and the type of delivery method. Documents delivered by post take approximately three to five working days to arrive.

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